620 Bay Ridge Ave.Welcome to LeisureManagementLLC.com! We provide long term and vacation rental properties in Annapolis, MD.  Our website has been rebuilt in the hopes of making it more functional and informative for you, our prospective renter.  The website is organized as follows:

The Contact page now allows you to fill out a form and request dates for your stay with us in Annapolis.  It will also enable our company to collect and organize your information so that it is easily accessible for our staff throughout the entire time leading up to your visit, and through the entirety of your stay in town. 

The Houses section will show you a slideshow of our homes and give you the specific layout of each one.  We hope this will help you determine which of our homes best suit your needs.  The page will also give you the location of our houses in Annapolis so that you can see just how close in proximity they are located to some of Annapolis’ key attractions like the Downtown Area, Spa Creek and the Naval Academy. 


We created the Town page to give our guests a better idea of all the activities Annapolis and its surrounding areas have to offer.  Think of this section as an insider’s guide to Annapolis, written by someone who has lived here for over 25 years.  This section doesn’t necessarily plan your trip, but it does highlight some of the key places we think are worth seeing while you stay with us. 

Finally the Rates page is probably what you think it is.  It lists the basic rates that we charge to rent our houses depending on what time of year or specific week you are staying in Annapolis.  We make a conscious effort to keep our prices as reasonable as possible for you, our guest.  Between the amount of space our homes have to offer and the ideal location where they are set, we believe Leisure Management LLC. provides the best deal in town.