The rates of rental for both 620 and 622 are identical for the entire year.  However, our rates vary depending on the time of year, or the specific week you stay with us.  They are as follows:


3 Night Stay (minimum) $1,550.00
Weekly Rental $1,900.00
Monthly Rentals:  
Winter (After Boat Show until Commissioning Week) $3,500.00
Summer (After Commissioning Week until Boat Show) $4,000.00
Boat Show Week 1* $3,650.00
Boat Show Week 2** $3,650.00
Commissioning Week*** $4,000.00
Extra Night (if available) $250.00

*Boat Show Week 1 is Wednesday to Tuesday
**Boat Show Week 2 is Wednesday to Monday620
***Commissioning Week is Saturday to Saturday